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By clicking on "I Agree," you agree, warrant and covenant as follows:
In consideration of my participation and/or my minor child’s participation in the Walk for Sight, I hereby—for me, my heirs, and personal representatives—assume all risks that might be associated with the event. I further waive, release, and discharge any claim against sponsoring agencies/companies, staff, volunteers, or other representatives or their successors for any injuries or damages to my person and/or my minor child or property while a participant in this event. This waiver also applies to both on and off the premises at any time during the event. I consent to the use of photos and videos of me and/or my minor child to be used by the Association for marketing, PR, and public education.

If I, and/or my minor child, take part in the “Walk in My Shoes” event during the Walk for Sight, I understand and agree that the waiver in the preceding paragraph fully applies to participation in “Walk in My Shoes.” I understand that “Walk in My Shoes” simulates the experience of a person who is visually impaired or blind, that participants wear a blindfold or glasses to simulate a visual disability or disabilities, and that each participant is guided one-on-one at all times by a trained sighted volunteer who will assist the participant by physical touch and/or verbal prompts. I understand that the “Walk in My Shoes” route proceeds down five sidewalks on North Main Street, Concord, NH and crosses four one-way streets. Participants may remove blindfolds and/or simulation glasses at any time.
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